Need some advise on activating a bluetooth module

Currently I am designing a custom board based on G120 module. The board has wired ethernet, RFiD reader and flash memory and a display.

To be future proof I’ll also add a bluetooth module (BLE) but this module should’t be active by default. I want to turn it on and off from within the software. This is the point where I need some advise.

The ble module is using 3.3v as its power source so I was thinking to use a GPIO pin to power it, is this the right way to do it or should it be done differently?

Please advise :slight_smile:

a GPIO really is only meant to switch a low power signal - they typically can source only a few tens of mA current. Depending on the BLE module you’re using, you may well exceed that - in fact I’d say you’re almost guaranteed to do that. So you’re better off using the IO to control a transistor or FET that controls the power source.

thx Brett for pointing me in that direction. I’ll do some research… :slight_smile: