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Need some advice on sd Card problem


I have the spider and wrote codes to capture picture on camera, then tried to save it
in sd Card. But when I access it, I got the error “…does not have a valid file system”.
Based on what I read, the spider motherboard supports FAT, which should be the card’s
format. I took the card from my camera, which formatted it.
Anyone has any idea? Do I have a bad motherboard? Shall I go and buy a sd card, hoping
it’s FAT formatted? The codes does not allow me to format the card. Please help
A big thanks in advance. SLK.


After the file is saved, you need to flush the file and flush the file system to make sure all buffered data are stored on the card. Please see

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@ Gus - I think it’s falling down before he/she gets to the flush part.

@ slk can you confirm that the SD card is formatted with FAT32? Ideally using a PC with an SD card reader. Many large sd cards use FATex these days and there is always the unlikely possibility your camera uses some Linux format.


Thanks for all the suggestions.
I cannot save the picture. But I’ll check the site suggested by Gus later when I can save,
first thing first. I cannot even mount the card.
Right now, I don’t know if the card is formatted correctly. That will be my 1st step.
Again, thank you all.