Need of tutorials

Intro: I have been developing business apps for a few year now in C#. Business apps are boring :). Got interested in embedded. Started with MicroChip’s PIC to start learning. Ended up with ASM to try to understand it better (and a bunch of electronics books). Then… a miracle… FEZ. C# and LEDs, motors, robots and all the cool stuff in Visual Studio and my favourite language.

Problem: can’t really seem to find tutorials for beginners. ie: want to toggle a digital port, read AD, pwm and so on… lol my obsession with robotic vacuum cleaners (one day I’ll make one).
Can’t seem to find anything good on Google or this site.
Are there any resources you guys know of? (again for entry level)


Beginner book.

The ebook is a 200 page tutorial :slight_smile:

So busy trying to get busy forgot to check all the links. Thanks guys.

No problem it is very good and has mucho info.

Thank you for the quick reply. I will get busy reading.

Do a search on the forums for “FEZ on Fire”. It’s a series of tutorial videos from our friend Mark Harris.

The Czech distributor

Has NETMF information in abundance Tutorials, Samples, Emulators etc…

Cheers Ian