Need help with GPS

Hi i’m totaly new to FEZ and programing in general. i’m want to do project that will use gps, display and maybe small step motor or Miga NanoMuscle ( )

what i need is a small, cheap and easy to program GPS. I need to be able to read position (latitude / longitude) and altitude and compare it to preprogramed one and display distance to preprogramed place. And finally actiwate motor when point is reached.

i found some GPS modules here
i looked on gps extention, bit pricey but if that would be easiest solution let me know.

And last but most impotrant. With FEZ ???
O and what type of display.

Sorry for messy topic and Thanks

Take a look at :

These require a little bit of soldering (putting wires onto nice big pads) and should work with most GPS code on FEZZER (the MTK on especially).

I have used the GPS receiver sold with Microsoft Streets. They are sold on EBay for about $20.

The receiver interfaces via USB.

If you need a driver, check this out:

AFAIK, this is the best publicly available GPS driver for NETMF

soldering is not a problem at all. But i like the idea of $20, since i’m on the budget. How hard it will be to pull neede data of gps unit like one that comes with misrosoft maps?
And with FEZ will be best for me. I would like to put that into rather small box but all of them seams to be pretty small.
I was thinking about FEZ Mini. Is that USB for programming only? Or can be use ti recive data from gps.

I looked into displays to. I realy need only 2x16 Character LCD but Serial LCD seams to be easier and if i would go with Serial LCD than Graphical 3.6" 128x64 Display is not much more? what wuld be easiest?

I just look on ebay and found gps DeLorme Earthmate LT-20 Automotive GPS Receiver

Or like sugested Microsoft Streets & Trips GPS Receiver

The Mini USB port on the FEZ Mini is a client port for programming only.

Also, my suggestion is to NOT use a USB GPS. They will be harder to work with.

So usb is not the way to go. In this case I think that fez mini will be my choice. Chris with of gps unit you think will be best overall. One of the 2 that you recommended (if yes with), one from this website or maybe you have your own recommendation?

At the moment, I haven’t found any GPSes to recommend, at least, based on pure accuracy.

But: it seems as though the MediaTeks are pretty good for being solid. I’ll have one of these later this week:

Not an accuracy is my main concern. I need mre of sensitivity. Need to work in nyc. Lots of concert and interference.