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Need help with FEZ Cobra prototype RLP code / maybe work for hire?


I am building a prototype using a FEZ Cobra. I am pretty sure it can do what I want and also know that I would be able to do it myself as I gain more experience. However, I need a piece of work requiring RLP done by the end of the month.

To that end, I am turning to this community as I know there are many experts here that can do it a lot quicker than I can right now. I am not sure if I can solicit people on this site to hire for a project so please let me know if this is not acceptable.

My specific needs are for a well designed RLP module that can do the following:
Get configured with a specified frequency and analog input, etc.
Subscription to event that returns a filled buffer of values from the analog input.
Start/stop methods the start or stop RLP functionality.
RLP functionality fills buffer with values from analog input and (asynchronously) fires event when buffer is full.
RLP functionality continues to fill a second buffer while .NETMF code processes first buffer.
Once 2nd buffer is filled and event from 1st returned, swap buffers and fire event.
Possible functionality for a flag in event that indicates that 2nd buffer was filled before 1st buffer event returned.

The maximum frequency is obviously a function of the microcontroller’s speed as well as how long the code takes to process the 1st buffer in the event handler. I have looked at some of the details and it would appear to be quite possible to do something like this with tasks and proper calculation of the time interval to the next scheduled task to get the next sample.

The ultimate dream would be to have functionality like this directly in the GHI .NET Framework, e.g. InputSampler that gets constructed with a frequency and input to read from ;D.

Anyway, if anybody can help me, feel free to respond here or send me an email to [my user name] at myburghs dot net.


GHI provides consulting services. I would contact them directly.


Dream? :slight_smile: Just call GHI and tell them what you want. Like architect said, GHI has many services beside off-the-shelf items click on “consulting” tab


I’m interrested in helping you with the rlp coding. You can always contact me: housy [at]


I have done a similar thing on Panda board.

I have a buffer that gets data from ad’s (1 up to 6) and post an event to NETMF when it get the value you set. The buffer is bigger than that value so you only need to read data before the buffer gets filled completly.
If buffer gets filled it indicates the overrun turning a led on (But an event could be sent).

Tested at 1Khz sample rate 6 channels sending data to PC oved CDC on a regular basis.

I’ll post the code if you needed.


Hi Pablo,

Thank you very much. That sounds like something I can definitely use and build on ;D. If you want to you can contact me directly or if you are happy to share the code with everybody you can post it here.

rhynier at myburghs dot net.


Sorry for taking too long to reply. I’ve been very busy. I’ll send you the code tonigth when I came home.