Need help Porting v4.4 to an EFT-POS

Hi Folks,
I’m planning to port v4.4 to an EFT-POS (Castles VEGA 5000S) that runs a propietary OS (called CTOS) that runs over Linux.

The vendor provides a C Library API that exposes the interaction with the hardware peripherals (Keyboard, LCD, Printer, GPRS, Ethernet, etc). You are able to call Linux functions as well.
They bring a SDK that consist of the Eclipse IDE and the following toolchain:

C Compiler: mipsel-linux-uclibc-gcc
C++ Compiler: mipsel-linux-uclibc-g++
Linker: mipsel-linux-uclibc-g++

Can this port be made?
As I’ve read so far, the strategy to make this port is “porting on top an OS”, is this right?

Do you have any tutorial or guide that can help me? I need a basic direction on how to start working on this.


Welcomo to the forum.

Have you considered to use Mono instead?

Thanks Architect.
I’d considered that but I think that is too big for device capabilities.


I’ve seen an example of a port on top of an OS in the PK4.3
I have not heard of any other ports on top of an OS.

It should be an interesting project.

Thanks! Can you share that example?

It is included in the NETMF Porting Kit

@ fdagostino -

Thanks @ Gary, will check!

@ fdagostino

The Emulator is Windows OS port of NETMF; Framework\Tools\Emulator project references Microsoft.SPOT.Emulator.Interface.dll.

There is also, but I am not sure how usable it is…