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Need help picking an IMU


First of all, I can’t work other whether is tilt compensated. Could someone confirm whether it is please? I’m trying to avoid worrying about that compensation algorithm myself.

PS: I’m really just after tilt compensated x,y axis. Its for an autonomous bout


I think you’d have to handle that processing yourself because you’d need to combine data from the gyros and accelerometers. The 9DOF ( has a processor on-board that can handle some of those tasks for you, but I don’t think the firmware that ships on it does much except simple filtering and packaging the data to the UART.


Sparkfun 9DoF Razor. Just go for it. Been very happy with it myself. Also, it’s compass is tilt compensated.


Cheers will do. Just got some sponsorship so I aint that skint :slight_smile:

How is that compass chris, would you recommend it?


You also might want to consider the Pololu CHR-6d and -6dm IMUs (top two products on this page): Check out Pololu’s videos of them in action. I don’t have either of these but they look promising.


I don’t have any experiences with the HMC compasses, but the 9DoF works quite well.

@ Mooz, I think he wants a compass, which is something a 6DoF will not give him.


Cheers chris, Im buying one now :slight_smile:

Any updates on that GPS?


@ Chris et al, the “-6dm” includes a 3-axis compass with calibration. I guess the “m” means “Magnetometer.” The name is confusing and IMO they should have called it the “-9d” instead.


Yeah, it will be here on Tues day. Not happy about that at all, but it’s the best SFE could do.