Need Help in GPRS Modem, on fez domino

i wrote windows service, and my project with gprs modem connecting this service and sending some data,
and service writing into DB, so when i debugging this project on visual studio, project works very nice and there is not any problem, but when i running project on with out visual studio running already wrote project on fez domino, doing nothing, plz need help

more details,code,etc.?

code is very big taking about 50-classes.

i dont think that this is Code Problem because, on debug working very well :frowning: :’( ???

When an application executes under a debugger it runs slower. Check for that. Put Debug.Print statements and see the output through MFDeploy.

Are you using serial port? Make sure that you open() the serial port before assiging to any events like
SeriaPort.DataReceived event