Need help hooking up Audio Codec board based on the VS1063

Need some help reading the datasheet and hooking up the Audio Codec board I have on my desk…

I have made a library (converted from C) with all the commands this baby can do, so if anyone could help getting it hooked up correct, I could continue making a driver for a kick ass Audio board with some nice features ;D

Here is the board:
Schematics for the board is all there, and the datasheet for the VS1063a audio chip.

We are going to use it to convert realtime audio from TCP/IP packages over to analog audio, and back again… going to function a bridge between VOIP packages and analog audio in/out. But it has so much more to show off, so a driver could benifit more people in the community if we get this baby up and running.

I have a couple of Breakout boards and BreadBoard modules… so its a matter of getting the pins from the Codec board connected to the right stuff on a socket or two (depending on how many we might need)

Maybe this can help in case you didn’t see it:

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@ Jay Jay - thanks. Peeked on the code found in Code Share… It seems to work pretty good. Audio quality ain’t that bad either, it’s actually quite good ;D

Audio clip from Resources

And MP3 from SD card