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Need general help with NETMF?


This forum provides dedicated support to assist you with your FEZ projects. We encourage you to ask any question, but our support only focuses on FEZ-related questions. This excludes general questions on C#, .NET or NETMF. We created the free e-book to address these questions :wink:

If you are learning C# or NETMF, then the free e-book is the best place for you to get started. If what you are looking for is not in the book, then try MSDN documentation (see our downloads page). Still not finding your answer? Try Google, there is probably an answer already out there for you. Finally, you can also try to ask the NETMF public forums here:

If you still can’t find an answer, then feel free to ask here. Our support team or other users may have an answer for your question. Note that our support team is still dedicated to help you with any FEZ questions.

These are examples of FEZ questions that will be answered:
“How do I use the RealTimeClock on FEZ?”
“Can I stack shields on FEZ Domino?”
“Is XML supported on FEZ?”

These are examples of general NETMF questions, our support may respond.
“How do I open files on FEZ?” (already in the documentation and book)
“How do I parse XML files?” (already in MSDN documentation and this is not FEZ specific)
“What is DPWS?” (Search Google and Wikipedia, we would need a few pages to answer such a question)