Need G400 Touchscreen pinout

In the G400 manual it states:
“The G400 supports displays with a four-wire resistive touch screen without the need for any
additional hardware. However, the use of other touch displays can be supported by adding
the appropriate controller, typically on the SPI bus.
Refer to the Pin-Out Description chapter for more information about touch screen signals (YU,
YD, XL, XR) assignments toG400 hardware pins”

I cannot find anywhere in the manual where it shows where each of the touch pins is located. I have looked at other documents on the site and cannot find anything either. The best I could do was use the “T” connector on the Raptor to find out where the touch pins should go on a G400-S, but I need to use the G400-D. Should I just assume the same multifunction pin names on the G400-D will work for touch as they do on the Raptor for the G400-S?

It would help if a quick update to the G400 User Manual could be uploaded adding the touch pins to the hardware pinout tables.

Thank you!

Looks like we have missed those. By the way, in the latest software, you can select any pins, 2 analog and 2 digital, to use with the touch screen.

Someone else will respond with the default pins.