Need Assistance from a Proficient Computer Programmer

Hi guys,

As some of you might know, I’ve been working on a FEZ based autonomous boat for quite a while now. Well the project is pretty much finished now, and I will be entering it into a major competition in a months time, the British Young Engineer of the Year one.

There is a slight problem with showcasing my product however, as I doubt I’d have an inflatable pool large enough to navigate around :slight_smile: To work around that, I wanted to program an interface, which simply parses the heading, location, and required heading to target, and the % power and direction of each motor, and displays them neatly on a GUI.

I could really do with some help on this, taking into consideration I am coming into this from an EE background, having never developed a serious computer application before, and with the biggest exams of my life coming up in 3 weeks, I doubt I’d be able to do this myself in time.

Is there anyone here that would be willing to produce such application for me, and be happy with just my gratitude as the reward? I would be very thankful indeed.

Can you draw a mock-up of the UI and post it here?

Ofcourse, give me a couple of minutes.

Here it is.

I would want the arrows at the bottom to scale and colour appropriately, and the data would need to be updated once per second, just from a serial port.

Is that something you could help me with?

What OS are you going to use and by when do you need it?

Windows 7, and early June. Is that reasonable to ask for?

Since you are now a little more familiar with .Net, I may suggest goint with a .Net Windows application (and look at WPF for neat results). I’ve done something similar to what you trying to achieve.

If I was to do it myself, thats most likely what I’d do, but I have so much work right now that I am absolutely overwhelmed, and learning how to do this would be timeconsuming - I wouldn’t want my grades to suffer because of it - I have 15 exams in 3 weeks, on which my university aspirations depend on. That plus I need to make sure my physical project is perfect for the competition. That why I am asking for someone who can do this much quicker than me to help me out.

Love those stones Xarren. That is a pretty big ask of anyone (except architect who can bust it out in 30 seconds) :-). But wish you much luck and look forward to seeing it.

Sorry, stones?

Don’t think you’ll find too many people who are willing to do your homework for you.
Good luck.

We already have lots of homework to do :smiley:

rrrrright. :o

@ Xarren. I think you can at least try to do it yourself and if you’ll stuck with something just post here and we will help you.

Thanks, looks like I’ll be raising my post count quite a bit :P.

Remember WPF will do a lot for you for free. Baby steps.

-Create WPF App project.
-Add COM port communication thread.
-Start adding ui elements and use bindings.
-Change binded properties and UI will update auto-magically

Final step add Bing Map web service to show that map in the to-left corner.

Thanks - I will have a look at that again when I get some time to think about it. Right now its Mechanics 3 revision time :slight_smile: And why bing over other map services like google? Is it’s API easier to use? I guess its a microsoft technology so its easier to integrate, right?

Yes. WPF would be only way I would do it. More specifically, I would use Silverlight as you get web based and out of browser app for ~free. The xaml and databinding learning curve is a bit steep, but you get paid back tons more in leveraging existing controls and graphic stuff. Would not attempt it in winforms (shutter).

Haven’t got a clue what half of that meant, but when it comes to doing it, I will look into all that, thanks :slight_smile: Right now I’m battling with a System.IndexOutofRange, which appears in an empty reference (Well, it was full, but now with all the code commented out, its still somehow survived). The joys of netmf ::slight_smile:

Hi Xarren
I made something similar for my Whirligig project There is a consol application written in VB that you might have a look at. This is not the latest version but might get you started.

Thanks, it looks really good, I’ll definitelly check it out.