Need advice on SPI connections

I am using the FEZ Cobra with EMX Module, SPI 1 configuration. I can see my signals for CLK, CS, MOSI they seem to have alot of noise on the other end of my connection (on the SPI device leads)
any suggestions on wire gauge for the SPI interface? I am currently using 30 gauge wire to connect to the SPI device. I have also read that adding 33 ohm resistor to the lines would reduce the noise as well I have not tried this as of yet. Just wanted to get some experiences from other developers that use the SPI interface.

Shorter wires, slower clock or add resistors like you said…but are you sure you need to do anything special as usually SPI runs fine without the need of any of all this.

Thanks for the reply, I switched the SPI wires to a smaller gauge, I think it’s 10 or 15, very thin. The signal looks great now and my device is responding wonderfully!