Need advice on color detection

I need to detect a color from close distance on demand (more or less accurately). Should I use a RGB Sensor or just use a USB Camera? What would be easier to implement?

USB camera and RGB Sensor is approximately the same price.

Do you want to do the work of computing the image data into the necessary values?

I can take a low resolution snapshot from the camera and get RGB value random 500 or so pixels. Not so much of processing… Unless there is already a sensor with netmf driver.

There is always this.


Is there are driver for it for NETMF?

I didn’t find the zip file…

Did you register as the file is only available if you register on the site ? :slight_smile:

I would suggest that you read about the Color click module from MikroE to see if it suits your needs. [url][/url]. They also have the Color2 click [url][/url] but there is no driver for that yet. It shouldn’t be too hard to write one yourself.

You know I did not register, I was trying to avoid registration on another site :slight_smile:

Registered and downloaded the driver. Looks like the sensor itself would work for me if it wasn’t I2C…
What is the max wire length that would work reliably with I2C?

I’ve not had a look at the differences between chips but GHI did have a color sense module until recently so you might have been able to use that source as a starting point.

Sounds like a pixy cam is what you might want.

@ EvoMotors - Still looking for Color detection?

Found this:

I found the wired solution, WiFi is not reliable.