Need a quick WIFI solution for the Panda?


The OpenPicus Flyport can be easily connected to the Panda. :slight_smile:
Both have 3.3 VDC logic. :slight_smile:

The OpenPicus sets “the bar high” for an easy to use and easy to program WiFi solution. :slight_smile:

Is there a track record using this with panda II ?

Compiler? IDE? I do not get it

Sorry, let me rephrase.

The question at the top of this thread is: “Need a quick WIFI solution for the Panda?”

My answer is: Yes!

My question is: Is there a track record of using this hardware (the OpenPicus Flyport) with the Panda II? (Because the forum appears silent on this hardware option.)

Thank you!

given the original post was 11 months ago, and there were no follow on posts, I honestly think that nobody else did this. So venture forward if you wish to break new ground :wink:

Brett: Message received. Thank you!