Nearly Friday



U2. Go Bono !

@ Justin - Come on, bigger picture, show us some LoRa.

@ terrence - Alas you will have to wait a bit longer for some LoRa magic…All the distributors are out of stock of radios until the end of the month at least…

Hey I woke up early for Friday…

Only 1.5 hrs to go!

it’s been Friday for Justin for at least 15 hours when you posted that ! He has no excuse (luckily I hassled him on Skype which prompted the Nano disclosure :slight_smile: )

@ Justin -No-Lo-Ra - That is NOT good news. Bummer. Oh well.
Your new stuff looks really cool.

@ terrence - and this …


What if there was a Lora Gadgeteer module? :slight_smile: I have some modules that I am toying with and intend to work with Justin to turn them into Gadgeteer modules.

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@ mcalsyn - based on what module / chip / radio … rn2483 ?

@ .Peter. - Yes, I saw that thread with that new board. very nice.
@ mcalsyn I would be interested for sure.

@ terrence - talking about lora …

Noticed this one ?


Same one discussed here :

Based on SX1278

@ .Peter. - yes I immediately backed them a couple of weeks ago. Lots of great features on LoRaOne