Native code how-to

Please can someone point me to a good reference(s) for writing / compiling / running native code in MF? I’m not looking so much for language references (e.g. how to write in C) so much as how to take something written, do magic to it, and call it from within NETMF.

Please take the time to point to particular sections of references or particularly relevant tutorials – searching Google, et al, has given me lots of broad references to msdn, etc. that are really hard to narrow down given my current level of understanding. Its the old story of not understanding enough to ask the right question and getting confused / overwhelmed by all the obliquely related answers.


Have you seen this:

It is not much, but a start.

This is old and outdated but info should help

Thanks, I’ll take a look in detail later. I should mention I’m panda-ing which I understand can’t RLP. I don’t doubt the RLP example will help with the concepts, though.

If you wanted to use a Panda/USBizi with native code you’d need to use your own netmf firmware.

Is there a reason you need native?

speed primarily, tighter timing to a degree.

There’s a way to do it on any NETMF device but it’s pretty advanced. If you need it that bad it might be worth looking into having a secondary chip like a propeller or a chipworkx module

coming to that conclusion… :frowning:

Timothy Parez has a great post on his blog about RLP, check it out: