Native checksum error

When I build with the Beta SDK, I have no problem. But when I try to deploy I get an error “Invalid native checksum: GHIElectronics.NETMF.Hardware 0x9C770BE2!=0xA1518A4B”.
I know that I should not expect support, but can anyone guess why this would happen?
I removed the existing SDK before installing the latest. Is there any other step I overlooked?

Makes sure that all 3 your project, your firmware and the SDK is from the same version

Have you loaded the latest bootloader and firmware on your device?

I may have missed these I did not see them in the new SDK.
Are they in the Beta SDK download?
My board was up to date before installing the new SDK.

this part bit me too.

here’s the (firmware part of the) sol’n

[url]- YouTube

The firmware is installed while installing the SDK. But you need to upload it with Terraterm/MFdebploy to your device.

Remember, the firmware contains the native code that does all the stuff for you. The managed c# libraries from GHI only contain pointers and references to the native code in firmware.

So if both (native/managed) don’t match (f.e. the managed library points to a wrong address in the native firmware) things realy could get ugly. That’s why you’ll always need to update both.

Thanks WhysitSmoking, I was aware of why and how to replace the bootloader, but I did not see one in the SDK. I may have missed it.

Ok, I found the correct bootloader file. Just forgot that the file extension was .GHI. I was looking for a file with .HEX extension. Duh. So sorry for the waste of everyones time.