NanoPi NEO, $7.99

Things are just getting nuts now, but in a good way. $7.99

It’s a wonderful time to be a hobbyist, but I’m not sure how much of this is relevant beyond hobbyist and one-off small-run efforts. It’s not clear that these devices (or the companies behind them) have any staying power. Even if it was a single commercial device, if I thought I’d be supporting something for 3+ years, I think I’d worry about their longevity.

Truly headless. No display.

For $3 more you can get this one…

And for another $29 you can get a 7" capacitive touch display…


It’s very low brightness at only 250cd/m2. Will be OK for indoors but for something that is used outdoors, even in an enclosure it’s not going to be easy to read.

I pay a heck of a lot more for the Newhaven ones but the high brightness models are excellent outdoors.

[EDIT] According to the Wintek PDF file it is 350cd/m2


@ Dave McLaughlin - Good to know.

[quote]For $3 more you can get this one…[/quote]

I have that one. I would steer clear of that one until they at least update the firmware. After doing an apt-get upgrade, some things stopped working. Tried this a few times and it happened every time. Unfortunately, I didn’t save the firmware rev to know if they have updated the firmware past the rev I had.

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