Namespace typo

Check GHI.Premuim.SQLite.

Thanks. It’s been fixed for the next SDK.

Terrible idea :slight_smile: for many many reasons. While I still wish we can just do that since it is easier.

@ andre.m - It is just a typo not a shipstopper.

Sorry, I don’t understand - what do you mean?

I don’t think it is worth a new SKD release, but it should be immediately put into the post release issues.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and assume that andre.m is referring to the general perceived stability of recently released SDKs, which in my own opinion, has been quite poor ever since the first 4.2 release.

Instead of stable SDK releases for existing hardware, we get more beta-quality hardware with alpha-quality firmwares.

This part is just my opinion.

@ godefroi - which device you are using today that is poor quality? We are here to help and improve products but such a generalized statement will only harm our business, which I’m sure is not your intention. Remember this is a public forum.

The SDK available today is as stable or better than what we had with 4.1 with much better features.

[quote=“Gus”]The SDK available today is as stable or better than what we had with 4.1 with much better features.

Except for the things in it which aren’t.

Gus, I appreciate GHI and what you do, but the cognitive dissonance is jarring. You can’t deal with what you can’t admit to.

If there’s so little wrong with current SDKs, why don’t you have a public issue tracker where people can report on and track the progress of their issues?

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Not because I work for GHI but I honestly never seen a company who is more transparent than we are. The issue we have are all in release notes or they are already fixed. Like I said this a public forum so you guys already know all issues, which are all resolved.

I think a more formal issue tracking system is not a bad idea. It would bring some order in the forum and would calm things down a little bit.

We did talk about this before on the forum and I think it it’s a good idea. I still like to see other things as well, like a mobile forum, which we also talked about.

A CEO, answering questions in forums, is not something one can see often. This is really nice.

What is not nice, is your current “issue tracking system”. There were developer pages with some implemented/not implemented information — can’t find that anymore. Location for such information changes very often. There was user-editable wiki where people were able to put issues and workarounds — it’s gone, too. Now you say “release notes”. But they are very general; stating “ENC28 was improved” is the same as state nothing. What was improved and how? Release notes say CAN has been fixed, but I have slightly different opinion concerning that. And who is right then?..

@ Gus - I think it will help significantly. You do encourage us to go to netmf site and log issues that are related to netmf and vote for them, so they will get a proper attention. Same principle applies here. It will also help GHI to concentrate on the issues that really needed (based on votes) first.

It is a win-win.

It will be especially important when we switch to 4.3 or add a major feature like PPP.

I would love to see all the source moved to GitHub with dev & release branches that GHI actively works from and the community actively contributes and reviews. Bug tracking and much more is included.