Name voting for the next FEZ

Thanks to everyone who helped with names here

We are done with the G400-based mainboard and it is going to be prototyped tomorrow morning, so this voting will end tomorrow noon (eastern time).

Here are the names that were picked by our staff, please vote (click on +1) on the name(s) you like. One of the factors of picking a name was the artwork that will go along with it :slight_smile: The “fez” has to go somewhere :wink:

And finally, here is an image of the new board and the socket types.

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FEZ Raptor


FEZ Kraken


FEZ Phoenix


FEZ Reaper


Comments and discussions are welcome but no new names please.

I like Kraken. Although, since this is a premium offer it is kind of breaks the pattern. On the other hand it is a Gadgeteer board so it might be in line with other board names.

We talked about this and this is not an issue as FEZ Lynx (coming soon) is open source and it is a real animal.

Oh yeah - Fez Lynx! Forgot about that one. Although it is not really a mainboard if I understand it right

Kraken gets my +1

Of course! It was your suggestion :wink:

@ Architect - I tried to get FEZ Architect thru the initial approval process, but I failed, tremendously!


ooooo nice :slight_smile: do we get to see pics of the proto board after you guys have put it together??

@ Gary - Thats a shame :wink:

FEZ Reaper gets my vote! :smiley:

I love that there are so many “A” and “I” sockets. Can all the “I” sockets be used simultaneously or do they overlap?

They all share the same I2C bus lines so I do imagine that they can all be used simultaneously.

Lol! I am glad it failed :wink: , but thank you! :smiley:

Looks like we have an obvious winner here :smiley:

By the way that name has been floating around since 2010:

What happend to FEZilla?

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