N18 display with a Panda II

I’m starting a new project with a Panda II I have laying around and I’d like to connect it to a N18 display. I think the amount of RAM on the Panda II is going to be an issue so I’m wondering if the bitmaps to be displayed can be written to the to the microSD instead of manipulating them in memory. I’m basically going to be writing nothing more complicated than colored text to the display. Several text values will be updated often.


You can draw on-the-fly, meaning you do not have any buffers. You draw directly to the display. This is how we did it on FEZ Touch, an old product. search codeshare for “fez touch” https://www.ghielectronics.com/community/codeshare/entry/216

Thanks Gus. I see in the code how this was done. It will take some effort to do since it was written for a different LCD controller.