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Mystery FEZ Panda Project [Revealed]


When I discovered OutputCompare and ServoMotor class, I started brainstorming for a project that would use lots of servos. I’m not ready to share what it is yet, but here’s my first test. I will eventually need at least 8 servos! This is so much fun! :slight_smile:

PS: In case you guys want those servos, they’re only $2.77 each! No, I have no affiliations with these guys.


well done GHI, picked a good guy to get free stuff to ! Love the synchronised swimming statement :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

My guess: you’re using it as either a simulator or to encite a “Mexican wave”. You should build it really fast and get it to the Commonwealth Games in India, they’re having very low attendance so some additional enthusiasm like this should help. :slight_smile: Australia how many gold at the moment?? 68? Something like that - oh and it’s probably already changed by the time you got to this point :wink:


Nice one ! :clap:


I would not call 8 servos “lots of servos” but I love the way they move! 8)
I do not know if you are going to power a robot or something lifting/pushing, but I would like to give you a note on the servo power, it’s not very much (1.98 kg/cm) keep that in mind :stuck_out_tongue:


Very sweet. Can’t wait to see the end device/robot


I’ll bet it’s a walking robot or something… Looks really nice so far!


Thx. It’s not a walking robot. It’s something. :slight_smile:
It’s going well, but harder than I expected. I thought it would be a two evening project, but I can see that it will take longer. Hopefully I would have something to show this weekend.

@ Foekie, 8 is a lot for me, I’ve never worked with more than 2 servos. Thankfully, my project does not involve any heavy lifting, so these servos should be ok. I wish they’re more responsive though. Oh well, what do I expect for three bucks. :slight_smile:

@ gus, I think you will like the end result. Hint: it is completely useless, but IMHO pretty cool.
I wish I can tell you more without ruining the surprise factor.


Hi guys,
I’m finally ready to reveal my mystery project: Daft Punk Panda!



I never would have guessed that :slight_smile:


I give it 3 thumbs up!

I literally laughed out loud when I found out what the project was. Thanks for the laugh/smile!


hahahahaha daft punk + panda + panda bears = WIN ;D ;D


Awesome job Hari!

Syncing everything up must have been pretty tedious. Amazing work.



very cool! great fun


I just love it when the pandas look at each other about 3/4 the way in


Thanks for all the positive feedback guys. I’m lovin’ it! ;D

After screwing up a few times trying to record the timing, I came up with the idea of recording the timing at 0.5x (I used KeepVid and VLC player) and then tell FEZ Panda to play it back at 2x, resulting the normal speed that you see in my video. It was MUCH easier to get the timing recording right at half speed. :slight_smile:

Thanks. When I was done with the song, I noticed that lull in the middle, so I wrote a simple routine called LookAtEachOther() that simply loops the two servos and revert it back to normal position.




Too funny!! Nice Job :smiley:


Great job, that looks like it was a fun project.


Very funny!



It’s all fun and games until the Pandas take over: