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Mysterious microSD Card


We had a problem with microSD Cards, first out application worked - then it did not. And so on…
After reading posts in this forum Kingston was blamed… we went to Sandisk… it worked for a while.

By chance I placed on of a 2 GB FAT Sandisk microSD cards in my PC (Win 7 Ent 64-bit)… now it became a 8 GB FAT32… :o

Then it was place in a Win 7 Pro 32-bit - then it was 2 GB FAT again… then back to the Win 7 Ent 64-bit… now it was 2 GB FAT :o

After a while it became 8 GB FAT32 on Win 7 Ent 64-bit ::slight_smile:

I do not understand this… somewhere there must be a BUG.

On FEZ Mini the problem is seen like this: PS OK, FileSystem OK, Format shows OK - but exception on create file. Other times the code works fine.

Has some one else seen something like this ???
Is it Windows, NETMF, FEZ Mini or what ???


Have you tried formatting the card?


Or a doggy card? There are a few fake cards on the market. Take care with where you buy SD cards… :slight_smile:


Just out of curiosity… :think: …when Win7 64bit, reads it as 8GB - have you tried installing some thing near 6 to 8GB.
Maybe it just a Display error; like the “Font”- “8”… i dont think it actually gives you 6GB more… if it does; then it a neat Bug… :slight_smile: … from my point of view… buy 2GB… get 8GB.