My Xmas Wish

With all these great new PTH options (like the Cobra 3) I would love to see FEZ Touch 2. How about a nice 3.2-4.5" LCD using your GXP. It’d also be awesome if it faced over the board instead of away from it.

Santa Gus, I’m looking at you. ;D

Already exists! New heaven board.

Delivered straight from God himself? :wink:

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No, no, no. I want zero Gadgeteer cables on a PTH board project. :snooty:

No gadgeteer cables, just take a look.

Is GHI going to make an adapter so we can add gadgeteer sockets to the PTH boards?


Not sure why you guys are refusing to take a look at the catalog :slight_smile: just look at the third picture

No gadgeteer cables are needed. The 40 pin header does the job nicely.

I stand corrected on the PTH, but I’m still pretty bummed at the way it faces. I would very much rather it went over the board.

I have all the cell stuff complete on my project, I was kinda hoping to do a followup with a 3G model and packaged in phone form factor like the Arduino Phone but much cooler because its NETMF and has more capabilities :wink:

Use an old hard drive ide cable and place the display anywhere you like…any questions :wink:

@ Gus - LOL. Is that you’re way of telling me I’m being too demanding again? :smiley: 8)

@ Skewworks - I am telling you that we can read your mind and we make what you need before you even ask for it. This is how much we care about you :slight_smile: