My old Topic New GHI BeagleBone Black Wireless received

About a month ago I posted about not being able to connect to WiFi with my BeagleBone Black Wireless.

Yesterday I ran across a image update and now the Connman System Tray
shows the SSID names on my network. I have not tried to do anything yet as I have promised my granddaughters I would have dinner with them today.

Here are the links to the image update that worked for me.

As a note: I flashed a USB microSD and booted from it.

Robert Nelson
Just grab this build:

The initial “connman/tether” setup I setup for out of the box was
sub-optimal for the BBBW…

(it assumes your making a wifi access point)…

flash the newest lxqt-4gb image from yesterday

Out of the new image, you can ssh into the wifi access point
(BeagleBone-WXYZ) and use connmanctl to connect to a 2nd access point
(while still connected to the BBBW thru wifi)…

Robert Nelson "

The image I flashed to the USB microSD was:

@ willgeorge -
Hi, willgeorge
@ MrJohnSmith already found out, how to connect the OSD3358 over WiFi

#connmanctl tether wifi off

@ mcalsyn published a tutorial how to connect to a WiFi accesspoint

the same steps should work with the BeagleBone Wireless as well.
Kind Regards