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My new workspace


It occurred to me recently that in order to keep peace in my house, I probably needed to vacate the dining room table, which had become my default project workspace, because my office was such a disaster.

So I went on a cleaning and throwing away binge, and filled an entire contractor bag full of stuff to throw away, moved a small bookshelf, and put up an old countertop and shelf I had down in the basement. Now I have a fairly comfortable and well-lit workspace.

Figured I’d share a picture in case it might inspire anyone who’s been putting off doing a little pre-Christmas cleaning. :slight_smile:


Looks very neat!


You mean you figured you’d take a picture while it was still neat. Not nearly enough projects going on there. Get busy! :wink: Looks great. Maybe I’ll get around to it during the holidays as well…


Yeah, that’ll probably last all of a week, if that. I’m terrible about clutter, until it becomes so bad that I snap and go into insane cleaning mode. Would be much easier if I could just set up a nice tidy workspace and then just not use it. I could come in every so often and be soothed by how neat and tidy it is. :smiley:


@ Ian,

You’ll note the helicopter there…one of my very next projects, once I have a scope available, is to R/E the IR protocol on that bad boy. I’ve already got my Kinect/Gadgeteer project controlling the genuine Syma heli…once I get the protocol for the fakes nailed, I’ll have a couple of backup units available. That’s important because while these guys are tougher than you might think, flying by Kinect is a touch less precise (read: more crash-prone) than using the normal controller. :slight_smile:

Also planning to use this space for electronics lessons with my 8yo.


Yea, I noticed that copter. I like the dual folding props. The one I’ve got is just a single prop with a balancer. Not nearly as maneuverable. Hey, I was at Best Buy the other day and they have a ~2’ version of a dual prop for $99! It was all I could do to restrain myself. I’d like to see one in action. Probably not the best thing to be flying around a crowded room though…

I found out yesterday that Santa (grandpa) is bringing Jr a Kinect. Guess where it’ll be after he goes to bed? :smiley:

Regarding the scope… I’m dying w/o one right now also. I’ve got a problem that I just don’t think I can solve w/o one. It’s so frustrating not being able to see what’s going on.


@ Ian,

The beauty of the little helis is that they work great indoors, and they’re too small and light to cause too much mayhem.

A 2’ version definitely involves a good bit more hazard (and at 5x the cost, some of that hazard is to your wallet). OTOH, I’ll bet it’d be a LOT easier to put a wireless camera and possibly some sensors on the larger bird, and be able to do programmed flight, which is nearly impossible on the little guys.

I hear you on the scope…there are definitely some things that are tough to do without one. Of course, the first trick for me will be learning how to use it. :slight_smile: