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My new Spider from Mouser


Finally got around to opening my latest box of goodies form Mouser which included a TE35.

Didn’t realise i ordered a Spider - Doh…


It’s just the web of a spider, wipe it away and good :wink:


Oh man! That sucks!


@ Reinhard Ostermeier - lol


What is puzzling is that the packaging is all fine…


No sure about the touch, but the pxiels still fire up - maybe i should just put tape over me fingers so i dont get glass in them and just toughen up :whistle:


Touch won’t work. I would RMA it if I were you…


Yeah have already talked to Mouser UK and started the process…I must admit it’s a bit disconcerting when you press the screen and the glass creeks and moves :smiley:


Oooooo that’s a annoying. Think someone dropped it before boxing it up?


Yup, i reckon it was done in the warehouse in Texas…


Is it a bad Mouser’s habbit? A few weeks ago I received a broken CP7 display, which was really terribly packed. Saying “CP7 was not packed at all” would actually be more correct…


Really? Interesting…


We will contact Mouser and see how GHI and mouser can improve. Sorry about any inconvenience.


Mouser are sending me a replacement via Mr Fedex so no dramas from my point of view…


@ Simon from Vilnius - Can you send us a picture of the packaging or the batch number found on the label? It would greatly help us research this issue.


@ Justin - Can you send us a picture of the packaging including the label or let us the know the batch number on the label?


@ Gary - 327


thanks Justin


@ Gary - np, will be interesting to see what you can find out…


@ Justin - Can you look at the bottom of the blue carrying case and let us know the color of the sticker that has been placed there?