My new project

With Fallout 4 coming I’m back to the realm of the Wasteland. This time, it’s a laptop. :slight_smile:

I’ll be 3D printing a laptop similar to ones from the early 80s branded after the Brotherhood of Steel. This board is packing a lot of hardware (Raptor, T43, WiFi, Music, Tunes, RTC, LiPo, SD, USB, TouchC8) and a lot of software (Skewworks: Applications, BIOS, GUI, etc).

Here’s a few shots of the initial software development. I’m using my new free service Galaxy Updates (available now if you want to deal w/ my very limited beta site to install and update applications so I don’t have to keep reflashing. Every item on the list is an intended app.

Apps update the icon and description in the selection menu, navigation is done with the TouchC8’s wheel and buttons.

Oh and the project name? B.O.S.S.M.O.D.E. (Brotherhood Of Steel Systems :: Mobile Observation and Data Espionage)


Brilliant work as always and I am guessing you must be a real SciFi fan judging from all the wording and the fact that you must have developed a time travelling device in your spare time seeing as the copyright is 2315 :slight_smile:


@ Dave McLaughlin - Needed it dated after Fallout New Vegas to acct for BoS not hiding in holes from Enclave. :wink:

Saw the E3 conference tonight. Time to update some graphics! :smiley:

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Pyxis 3.1 is coming along quite nicely. In “desktop mode” (ala Windows 10) it’s a bit of a mashup between Windows & Mac using a top menubar that updates to whatever the active window is and windows/controls that are more like Windows. In “touch mode” it’s a lot more like Windows 8.

Driver and application support have both been upgraded and of course my BIOS starts everything so it will run on any GHI board that has 4.3 and native LCD support. I’ve put in a memory cap on screen size so you’ll top out at 800x480.

Full mouse, keyboard and touch support. I’ve even added in ping and screenshots (WinKey + PrintScreen to go straight to SD) and like any other system your mouse cursor (if you’re using a mouse) will not show up in the capture.

An ungodly amount let to come.


Whats the minimum board for a meaningful installation of that?

@ njbuch - I’d have to play around with some of these newer boards to know. Hydra can definitely handle it but you might want to keep that more around the 480x272.

Part of the newest implementation is a config setting for RLP. Everything can run in managed but I’ll also be porting some of the more intense stuff to RLP, so you will be able to set the flag true and point to the right file for the board and it will call that over the native function.

It’s got my native gadgeteer too so if your running something custom (say with an HDR board) you can define “sockets” for it and off you go.

Which board(s) in particular were you thinking?

This looks very cool and I’d be interested to seeing how this would run on a custom G400-D system with a 7" 800x480 display?

Right now the system is design with Glide but I’d be interested to see what this would look like.

@ Dave McLaughlin - I still have a ton of work to go but I’d be happy to send you what I currently have for you to run it.

You’d really just have the boot up and terminal at the moment. You’d need to create a driver for your screen too, but that’s simple. It’s pretty much the same as a Gadgeteer module but from a different library and base class.

Getting ready to ship out the super early beta to Dave & Gary. If anyone else wants in, let me know.

Supported Mainboards
[ul]Cobra II (ghi_cobra_ii.gmb)
Hydra (ghi_hydra.gmb)
Raptor (ghi_raptor.gmb)
Spider (ghi_spider.gmb)[/ul]

Supported Modules
[ul]DF Robot RTC (dfrobot_rtc_sd2403.drv)
GHI ENCs (ghi_ethernet.drv)
GHI Music (ghi_music.drv)
GHI T43 Display (ghi_t43.drv)
GHI VideoOut (ghi_videoout.drv)
GHI WiFi RS21 (ghi_wifi_rs21.drv)[/ul]

Current Features
GalaxyUpdates support (so you can get new apps and upgrades)
Autorun installer (installs all system files, etc from a single file on SD when present)
Touch, Keyboard, Mouse, Network, Registry, Time, Sound support
Move/Drag/Resize objects straight from API.
Cursors that can change on mouse over (resizing for example)
App support
Terminal (basic file methods, ping, activate wifi, hex view file, reboot, etc)


More to come. Should be headed out this weekend.


Will this support my 800x480 displays? Native drive from the SDK.

Yes, you’ll just need to either create a driver for it (very simple) or already have the display configured.

I’ll include a sample for creating drivers.

I am salivating waiting for the bits to arrive. :open_mouth:

That’s a mental image I really didn’t need…


Thought this worth mentioning; I’m in CA and don’t have my desktop app that converts PE files into my format for drivers, apps and install files. That’s ok though because all the classes support creation as well as consumption.

So when you’re watching Pyxis 3.1 install from a single file and loading drivers and the API remember that they were all actually created by Pyxis 3.1 on a Raptor. ;D