My new NES Gamepad module PCBs are in

And they sure are pretty :slight_smile:

No pricing or anything yet. Just had to share these lovely little boards as I really like how they came out. They are about the size of a stick of gum, and designed so they could be easily mounted on enclosure (Gadgeteer connector is on one side, gamepad sockets on the other)

I used DF Robot’s new PCB service. Black silk, “electricity gold” gold plating, overside (in width) board (had to fit in the 10cm x 10cm price range) 100% E-test for 100 boards, including shipping, it came out to just a bit more than $1.50 per board.

Shipping time was miserable, but they now offer DHL which, in my experience, is TONS better.

Manufacturing to shipping turnaround was just over a week.


BTW, those NES sockets: $2.00 each and available only from a single supplier. That’s the expensive part here.


Looks great, Pete! I look forward to trying one out.

@ Pete - Very nice!

@ ianlee74 - If I recall they were designed to spec for your tablet…

@ Pete Brown - Bring some to Norfolk you have one customer for sure.

What? Pete does personal deliveries?.. Pete when you are done in Norfolk, bring some to Cyprus I will take 2 :slight_smile:

There is a mini Maker Faire in Norfolk in a couple of weeks and I believe Pete is going to be there.

Speaking of Cyprus. The package I have send to you just got retunred. Can you please e-mail me a different address may be?

Looking at this, I don’t think the power decoupling caps are necessary. I don’t see any in the controllers themselves, but I also don’t see any on the parallax boards (which are similar, but also have some LEDs). I added them by habit as I know there’s an IC in the controller.

They also add a fair bit of time to the hand-assembly and that flux makes a mess which shows up more on this black silk than it ever did on green or blue.



PS. Those fat pins on the controller sockets are monstrous heatsinks. :slight_smile:

Cool! Is there any company still manufacturing “original” NES controllers?


I would like to try it! Do you think is it possible to ship it to Italy? It would be great to use a NES Gamepad to control my Gadgeteer robot :smiley:

NES Controllers are available from Parallax (same company which made the socket) for $5 each.

You can also get used original ones off ebay.

Shipping to Europe/Italy: I’m sure I will. It’s always more expensive, though ($5 within the US, around $13 to ca/mx and about $16 to europe as I recall), as I only ship using priority mail so I can print everything off right from my PC and not have to make a trip to the post office. I won’t ship parcel or the other cheap ways. Plus size is the box will fit a fair number of modules in case you decide to go in on some with a friend.


Now taking orders for the first run of these.