My new board G120HDR Rev2

Hey guys, I had planned to make another board, I really liked the first I created, though still unresolved questions, but I think all the networks will be solved.

I will create a fee-based G120HDR Rev2 I think it will be less of a problem than the G120.
Now the questions:

  1. I know that there G120HDR rev2 SPI socket for connecting the network, and if I need to make my network card, whether the findings SPI to connect the network, if so, how to use the SPI which contacts used for CS, Int?

Look to you for answers and suggestions.

Do you mean you want to use G120HDR instead of G120?

So it will be more convenient!

@ Anton if you want to use pins from SPI Gadgeteer socket (SPI2) then CS pin would be 6th pin on the socket which is P1.17

Pin 3 (P0.5) - Interrupt
Pin 4 (P1.14) - Reset

If you want to use SPI1 then you can choose whatever pins you want for CS, Interrupt, and Reset. As long as you provide the pins you choose to the EthernetENC28J60 constructor you should be fine.

When selecting a pin for interrupt make sure its capable to act as interrupt pin… GPIOs P0_x and P2_x are Interrupt Capable

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Cool that people help so it will go faster.