My Hydra Project

So here’s my attempt at making a video about my .Net Gadgeteer project.

A short, teaser-style video can be seen here:

And the full-length video (all 8 minutes, heheh) can be seen here on Channel9. I speak Norwegian, but I’ve captioned the video to English. Let me know if that works for you native-speaking people:

Would love some comments, Video-editing is just something I’ve been playing around with for a couple of week-ends :slight_smile:


Awesome project! I am sure Benny is happy now. :slight_smile:

@ digitaldias -

GREAT project.

I forgot to mention that Benny is doing so well now that you will need a taller house.

Great job!

Just one thing that jumped out at me. Perhaps its one of those alternate spellings I’m not aware of but in the opening title of your teaser video, you spell “somewhere” as “somwhere”.