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My Halloween Pumpkin


This is my Scary pumpkin. Pretty simple!

  1. A plastic pumpkin from Target.
    1.FEZ Mini Robot.
  2. Reflection sensors to detect the edge of the table or black borders.
  3. Range detector to sense if someone is passing by to chaise him/her.
  4. An MP3 decoder extension with a small amplifier to play scary screaming (optional) you can use the piezo instead.
  5. a bunch of bright LEDs.


Haha, that’s awesome!


Looks cool. now the video :slight_smile:


Video, or you photoshopped it :stuck_out_tongue:


Videos are Gus’s profession. :smiley:


Yes, my $100 camera is “the thing” :smiley: :open_mouth:


Gus took this video: