My first FEZ Mini did arived today

Hello all,

Today, thanks to foekie, i got my first Fez mini. I did not use it yet but still i wanted to tell you what i think about it. I did look at the pictures GHI did put on there site and those where good. it looked very nice it get one to play with. But now i got one myself … and the first thing i did say was WAUW what a small piece of hardware is this. :dance:
I never realized that is was it was really very “mini”. :wall:

Tomorrow i will do the first update (not sure yet of i will install the new beta or not).

But i love to see it at work.

Amazing work to all that helped developing this cool looking board. :clap: :clap:


:clap: :dance:

yeah i love my mini easy to use and fits into small places.

Here are some pictures i made from my Fez mini.
I have removed the pins at the backsite so it will fit insite my enclosure.

And this is the enclosure where it will fit in, the hole is for the Button on the board, also i made some space for the USB connector at the bottom site of the eclosure:

And here you see it fit inside my enclosure:

Looking cute Niels!
Will this be used for the display?

Jep, the FEZ mini will control the display and it will carrier also a IR LED and receiver.

And the IR will be used for?

It will be a remote controller for TV etc.
Also i want to do some other thinks with it, but not sure,
I did a tetris game with it some time ago

How do you check the pulses from your TV remote to emulate them with the mini?

I have been working on a class that record the signals from your remote and convert them readable coded to store them away. The class will recognize not only RC5 an RC6 code but can be programmed to understand also other systems as well.
Just enter the specs of the remote protocol and it will recognize it and give you the right results.

wow, I hope you will create a project page for this class! ;D ;D

Excellent hacking job