My FEZ Magic Radio

@ FireFate - Cool! Your neighbors are gonna love it :wink:

So I’m getting pretty far in my migration to the Cerb40 for a more modular approach. Still have about 6 more wires to add to the breadboard to verify I don’t have any interrupt conflicts etc…

Eagle schematic is almost there. The PCB will have headers for the Cerb40, with the SD reader and Music Module on Gadgeteer jacks. There will also be a WiFly (Xbee) jack on the board. Other parts will be populated as needed.

The idea is I can reuse the PCB for peripheral WiFi controlled accessories, like the RGB lamp I rigged up in the attached picture. The radio will be the centerpiece, and the peripheral devices will be controlled by it and/or an Android app in the future.

I only have 1 Cerb40 IO pin left unassigned… but I was also thinking I’d expose a couple MOSFET outputs that could run a DC geared motor or something. I suppose I could run the XBee socket GPIO pins to an expansion jack as well.

Any of you guys have other cool ideas I might be missing while I finalize the PCB??


Tesla coil?

See?!? I can’t believe I missed that!!! Good thing I consulted with the pros lol.

@ FireyFate - I think that you must wait for rotating leds by Gus … that’s will be really a big advance !!! Ahahahah

Yep, the propeller

Well, I gotta admit there were some hiccups and a learning curve migrating to Cerb, but I’ve got all my necessary functions verified. Time to get that PCB routed!

On a side note, it’s a bummer that there is no Watchdog or Hibernate for the Cerb line. Not a knock against GHI, I’m a fan for sure… but I was thinking it would be awesome if there were a way to sell a premium version of the Cerb40 since it’s so well suited for small embedded projects that don’t justify a more full featured offering.

I guess there would have to be some sort of hardware difference to prevent somebody just flashing the OSHW version with the Premium firmware. I’d definitely pay more for a Premium Cerb40 though… and maybe a dozen of them lol. Maybe around the $35-40 mark to come in under the G120.