My FEZ Domino does not work

I have done everything right but my FEZ domino does not accept hardware related programs.
My installation is as follows:
Windows XP SP3
Visual Studio Express C# 2010
Fez Domino
Net Microframwork 4.1 installed.
Firmware succesfully loaded
Latest GHI SDK, which has the dlls with version installed.
I can deploy programs with no hardware related task involved;for instance , Debug.Print(“Hello Stupid FEZ!”). That program obviously does not need any GHI dlls.
But when it comes to referencing some GHI dlls for flashing the on-board led, for instance , the software compiles but will not deploy on the board giving me "check hardware " error.
I have obtained firmware to make it match with the DLLs , however , I have had the same problem.
Could anybody help? Is there no version dll library yet?Perhaps that is the problem.

Best wishes

Hello :slight_smile:

What assemblies did you include in your project ?
Are you sure the project Deployment is set to USBuzi and not the default emulator ?

Maybe this?

Thank you very much. Setting the system locale to English solved my problem.