My beagle bone black is way cooler than my RPi

Now that I have my hands on a BBB, I must say I definitely made a mistake thinking that RPi could meet my needs. Should have gone with my first instinct ::slight_smile:

@ Mr. John Smith - How come? What are the pros and cons of the bbb vs rpi?

@ Terrence - It has USB host and USB client. The Ethernet isn’t a usb device, shared with the other host ports. The OS has all the hooks into the low level stuff straight out of the box. I can write to the SPI bus from the web interface! Also BBB has Analog I/O while the RPI does not. You can do real time, deterministic stuff with a little assembly programming of the PRU without any modification of the OS.

The only good thing the RPI3 has that the BBB can’t match is it’s quad core 64 bit processor, and the GPU.

And price? Just sayin’ :wink:

Also for folks who need it, there’s a ton more info about building Pi projects. Not crucial for everyone, but it’s nice to have when you need it.

@ devhammer - True, the RPi costs alot more to get to the functionality level of the BBB.


@ Mr. John Smith - Thanks for the info on the BBB.

John, have you played with NODE-RED for you BBB yet ?
Kinda interesting way they have to code it.

Versamodule, the guy who updates this site uses NODE_RED running on the Pi and has some cool stuff you might like. I’ve known Peter who update the site for years as he used to run a company selling home automation module. My house was WIRED (yes back then it was all wired) up with about 20 or more of his little boards. It was a very reliable system too.

@ VersaModule - I saw it, but haven’t used it yet. Still looking at this Cloud9 IDE thing. Most likely i’m gonig to end up using Visual Studio linux c development anyways.

Having used the BBB and Rpi 1/2/3, I can see the appeal for both.

I do like the rpi3 though. I would choose that over the current BBB just because of the more power/more ram/more peripherals/more support/Windows 10 IOT/UWP support.

If I was going to use a whole load of gpio for robotics, or wanted to use android, I’d go with the BBB.

They are both nice.

The Beagleboard X-15 (which is just about to be released. FCC certification on Tuesday, shipping on August 22) look nice. I would take a look at that for sure. It certainly exceeds the rpi3 in many ways. But it isnt quite the same tiny form factor.


@ mtylerjr - was there a price for the X15

Yeah - expensive. Around $200 initially I think. So, apples and oranges, I guess

What about the Odroid range?


If you like barely community supported korean knockoff spec-champions-on-paper-only off-brand stuff, sure :smiley: