My 10 yr old son finally hits the bait

I’m too old to have had a Teddy Ruxpin, but we purchased one on ebay. Looks like this might be the first project he wants to participate in that revolves around software / hardware development. Mostly he is into MindCraft et al.

Come to find out the Chip isn’t available until the summer. That will give me time to get the other components.

[quote]In the 1980s, a talking teddy bear called Teddy Ruxpin took the world by storm. Now, Oakland engineer Andrew Langley is bringing Teddy back. He hacked the bear’s circuitry and installed C.H.I.P., the $9 computer that his company, Next Thing, had just crowd-funded. The 1-GHz computer can run text-to-voice algorithms that let the bear read anything