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MXChip and TinyCLR OS?


Just saw that the Azure IoT dev kits are now up for pre-order. My question…if one wanted to play with TinyCLR OS on one of these, would that be possible?

Looks like a Cortex M4 at the heart of it:

Seems like a nice bunch of sensors, plus OLED, plus WiFi, for a decent price.

Any peeps manage to get one of the pre-release boards?


complete specifications

STM32F412 ,Memory (RAM) 256KB - Memory (Flash) 2MB

Tested Built-in Sensors : Humidity & Temperature, Gyroscope & Accelerometer, Air Pressure, Magnetometer,
Mic-phone, Infra-red

Schematic diagram link

i belive TinyClr Os could port easy and well since it was STM32F4 type board.


yep :nerd:


STM32F412 is one of the standard family of F4’s in use for NETMF and TinyCLR OS, isn’t it? :wink:


Went ahead and pre-ordered one from DFRobot. Will share some pics once it arrives.