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Must Reboot CLR after Power Up - Why?


My app uses the serial port for Bluetooth communication. I’m now testing it without the debugger and have discovered that upon power up, it does not receive any data. If I reboot the CLR using MFDeploy after the serial port is opened, the app works just fine until the next power cycle. I have tested this on my custom USBizi board, a FEZ Mini, and a FEZ Cobra. The custom board uses a custom BT module while the Mini and Cobra uses the GHI BT component.

Any ideas as to why this is occurring? If not, is there a way I can force a reboot of the CLR from code? I’m dead in the water until I can come up with a solution.


You must have assigned the receive event before you open the serial port in the code. You should open the port then assign the event.


That was it. Mucho thanks. I just spent the entire day on this drilling down to what was causing it but it still doesn’t make any sense to me so just for peace of mine I’d sure would like to understand what’s going on.