Music Module

I’m trying to build a device that is capable to play an mp3 and at the same time analyze the reaction to it with a microphone (I already have an algorithm that fits my needs for that). I wanted to use the Music Module to achieve both.
To play the mp3 I use this class:

While playing a little with the music module I found out that when I record a sound the module also sends the signal to the headphone plug. So, for me it seems like there is no way to record from the line-in and play an mp3 at the same time.

Is this correct? If so, why is that?

Thanks for helping me!

Hi Andre

Thank you for answering me.
How exactly would this work?
As far as I can see I would do something simular to this:

And then I would take the incoming signal with:

Could I use this component as a microphone?

I’m sorry to ask this simple questions but I’m really a software guy, not an electrical engineer…

Anyway, it would be great if someone could make a statement about the music module…

I believe that to turn off output the method would be to set the output volume to zero. Output volume is controlled by DAC_VOL and/or SCI_VOL (download data sheet: ) and search for those values.

To use those registers for our driver (from ). You will probably need to modify the source code and include the modified driver in your project.

Another reference for interacting with chip would be this demo code:

I think VS1053 doesn’t support simultaneous playback & record. To achieve that you would need to use two music modules. I would recommend andre’s method.

Thanks for answering guys.
I’m going with Andres suggestion. It looks good so far.
But now I’m having problems with the mp3 playback (