Music Module - Recording help

Hi there, I’m using the GHI music module in a project to record and playback audio. The playback part is OK but I’ve not been able to get it to record. The “RecordOggVorbis() function” appears to be the function I want but I can’t get it to work. I wondered if there’s any tutorials on using the music module to record or if anyone has used it in a project and can enlighten me. Thanks.

Do you use a microphone for recording?

Yep I just wanted to use a cheap mic on the audio in.

Audio in will not work with microphone.

Oh I see just saw this on the site [quote]“Important Note: The RCA connector marked “MIC” does not work with microphones. It is a regular Audio in connector.”[/quote] Is there C# example for recording from line in then?

This was taken from the description of the module.

Check the schematics on downloads tab of the module page. Thera are two pads exposed that probably can use to hook up a mic.

Those two are hooked up to the + and - differential mic inputs according to the datasheet ( I guess that this could work if the RecordOggVorbis function is sending the right commands over serial to the chip.

Any idea what the short[] oggPatch should contain?

vlsi has various patches and examples on how to load them. This is basically an application/set of instructions for the chip. That one is for ogg files.