Music module question

I see that on the music module the connector marked mic is actualy a regular line in. What about the holes marked JP1. On the shcematic it looks like its a proper microphone input? Is that right?

For MIC but please see the chip datasheet.

Hi Gus. I guess you mean that the line in (jack) and MIC in (JP1) should never be connected at the same time?

It is best to check the decoder datasheet fro details. I am not sure how to explain it.

I will take any explanation you can give :slight_smile:
Edit : Are you referring to this? PCM / IMA ADPCM recording mode is activated by setting bits SM_RESET and SM_ADPCM in
SCI_MODE. Line input 1 is used instead of differential mic input if SM_LINE1 is set.

so i guess this may be something that the driver is not equipped to do as yet?
am i on the right track? :slight_smile:

You can use either not both and hardware changes are needed for mic

Hi Hugh,
i’m tring to record audio too wit the music module on a Fez Spider. At moment we are using a normal audio source (iphone) on the linein, but our next step will be to connect a microphone too. At moment I’m having problem with the library (, so can you share somo of the things you discovered on this module?


I only recieved my music module this morning :slight_smile: Once i understand a bit more about the hardware changes Gus was talking about then in will happily share any info etc. I notice from your post that you are having problems with recording and storing to an SD card.

@ Gus do you mean hardware changes to the design of the Module or a quick hack?

I told you it is too hard ot explain :wink: Please take a look at the reference design in the chip datasheet and compare to our schematics. Few resistors and capacitors are needed to connect a microphone.

The question is, why not just get a microphone amp and then plug it into audio in directly?