"Music" added to multiplayer Arcade BrainPad

https://youtu.be/eELMApYyuxc video with shared program in description .

I wonder if more than 2 players is possible!

I hear there is an upgrade coming to the jacdac system for single wire communication between consoles. Does Greg N. know about this? I only see one (1) game made for 2 players with 2 consoles; there may be more and I’d like to know it if there are. I cannot see this game code (Space Destroyers) in blocks, only JavaScript. I wonder if there is some reason for that? Our kids would get more out of Arcade multiplayer if they could see the program in block form . Maybe that is not possible. In the multiplayer code I only see “player 1” and 'player 2" ; maybe you could add “player 3” and see if it breaks. Also it looks like the program accounts for multiplayer but I don’t know how our kids could add these lines to their original single person games to make them playable by 2.
programState = ProgramState.Playing;
const g = new multiplayer.Game(socket);

OK, Pelikhan says they are working on it:
“Multiplayer games will come to blocks eventually but we’re still working on the underlying communication protocol. Stay tuned, you’ll see tutorials showing once it’s ready.”

The Arcade software Is in beta still so it will change for sure