MultiSIM BLUE Component Evaluator Mouser Edition

Interesting tool (free) from NI:

Ad from e-mail:

Direct link:

I usually stay away from anything that has a “National Instruments” logo on it. 8)

I agree… Multisim sucks, i had more realistic simulation results with free LTSpice

That bad, hmmm.

I guess I won’t bother to try it then.

The Ultiboard PCB designer looks interesting.

From what I can tell you get stuff like :-

unlimited PCB size
upto 64 layers,
matched length lines,
bus routing
push and shove

Sounds good to me.

EDIT:- But not so great when you read this MultiSIM BLUE Review – PCBShopper

@ hagster - Interesting site PCB Shopper. Thanks for the link.

I have just tried their PCB Price Comparison online tool and it is something I was looking for!