Multiplexer needed

I use a Panda 1 to retrieve the current temperature and humidity from several DHT22. Currently 8, but maybe more in the future.

Now, each DHT22 is wired to an unique port of the Panda 1. The protocol of the DHT22 is proprietary and does not support addresses.

I use the RLP feature to communicate with the sensors.

Everything works fine, but I don’t want to connect more sensors to the Panda 1.

My idea: Using a multiplexer (bidirectional) and a PCF8574/PCA9555D to reduce the required wires to the Panda 1.

I found some devices of the 74HC family. But I don’t know which one can be used. The only thing I know is that the device must support both directions.

Would this work for your needs?

SparkFun Analog/Digital MUX Breakout - CD74HC4067

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This seems to be exactly what I need. Thank you.