Multiple Windows Example to fit in ChipworkX LCD

I’ve tried the example multiple windows. It works, but it doesn’t fit on the whole screen, it’s smaller than my ChipworkX’s LCD. Hope anyone there could help me. Thanks! :slight_smile:

You probably have configures your display settings to 320x240 somehow! Your display us 480x272

Prior to asking this question. i already did change the size of the window. The problem is, the touch accuracy is a problem. I need to tap the button twice to see the next window, which is not happening when the window is smaller. :slight_smile: I don’t know why it’s happening. Could i use the LCD Calibration something? Thanks!

I am lost now, is the display working fine now and you are asking about touch screen now?


Here it goes, I tested the MULTIPLE WINDOWS EXAMPLE on ChipworkX Development and it works fine, but the window doesn’t fit.

So, I read some topics here and tried to change the size of the window to the size of my ChipworkX’s LCD.
The program still works, I don’t know what it causes but the touch accuracy seems to be affected. It didn’t respond as quickly as when the window smaller?

I’m sorry for confusing you Gus.
Thank you anyway. :slight_smile:

Did you try to re-calibrate? I am not sire how changing the LCD size would effect the touch accuracy.

Is that the Calibration Window Class that you are talking about? Sorry, so new in this.
If not,how would I re-calibrate?

I am not a glide expert either but I remember there is built in calibration window. There is no demo with this already? I will check.

Make sure in your XML that the Window’s Width and Height attributes are set to the size of your LCD. Then use the example above to calibrate.

Thank you Gus.
I tried it already when I saw it at another topic.
It works, for the example.
Question is, how can I apply it to the Multiple Window Example? Any ideas?
Help is very much appreciated. :slight_smile:

You would simply place a button on a window that would open the calibration screen. This can be on one window or on all windows. Most likely you’d have this in a settings window.

Thanks! :smiley: