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Multiple UEXT devices


Im very new to Fez kits… I see that there is one UEXT connector on the Domino… What if I want to connect multiple devices that use the UEXT connector… Is this possible?


Yes it is possible but if you are a beginner do not even think about it for now :slight_smile: Having multiple devices requires some wiring and requires some knowledge to modify the drivers code.


Understood… Just wanted to make sure that it is infact possible…


Could you give a rough idea of what would need to be done to do this?
(I kept this in the same thread because it’s probably what should come up if someone searches for “multiple uext” :slight_smile: )


What are the UEXT devices you need to connect at the same connector? I might be give you an idea how to do that.


The Screen on the rhino and the Nordic wireless, Would be a good place for me to start.


hmm, this is a hard one to do.

Both devices uses SPI bus so they can share those pins: SPI SCK, SPI MOSI and SMP MISO.

Now you have the check what other IO each one uses and make sure they are not share. If you find some shared IOs then you need to move the signal to another not shared IO. So you might need to do some hardware hacking to get it working.


I actually think it is easy :slight_smile: Why hard Joe?

Take the same SPI pins, SCK, MISO, MOSI and connect them to your new UEXT connector. Then run any other pins you need to any IOs on FEZ. You my only need couple IOs. If only one needs serial then connect that one to the original UEXT since it has serial. If you need 2 serial then use teh second serial port to wire to the new UEXT.

Did I explain it clear? I hope…if not let me and I will detail more


For me you did thanks i will pay with it and see how far i can get.