Multiple SD Card's on single EMX module?


I’m new to the forum and GHI Products but not to NETMF.

I am working on a product that will need a second SD Card to save a backup copy of critical data. How can I accomplish this with an EMX module. The data on the second SD Card needs to be FAT as well so I can download the data from the SD Card using a PC and card reader.

Any help will be much appreciated.


The SD peripheral inside the processor supports multiple SD cards but we never supported multiple SD cards in our drivers. So, it is a possible option. This requires custom firmware for you, which is not cheap.

Do you need FAT on both? it maybe much easier to add SPI DATAFLASH but then it is not FAT.

Please email GHI directly if interested in custom firmware.

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Hi Gus,

Thanks for the reply. I will not be paying for custom software (especially if it’s not cheap, as the EMX module itself is not very cheap. Yes it has to be FAT. I’ll have a browse on the web. Maybe there is a cheaper solution.

Just curious. Why would you leave something like this out? As this is just a software change it would have added more value to your product, without increasing the price (except for the initial development).

Features are added based on customer demand. We sold thousands of EMX modules to hundreds of customers over few years and this is the very first time someone asks for multi-SD support. But still, I will pass this on to our team to look into it for future.

Cool. Thanks again for the reply.