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Multiple program support


In the same way the NXT can load different programs. I wonder if it would be possible for the fez to load different *.pe files from an SD card via code for example? I suspect it would take some firmware support. Would this be useful? A robot, for example, you could load different missions on demand.


William… When I used to write games…ah my youth. For a robot you would make a command engine, similar to a game engine, that you can store all user variables and processes in a file on the SD… Would that be the same? I think it would be a bit messy to deploy new programs straight from SD… I bet it can be done though.

Cheers Ian


You could write a managed program witch loads the desired assembly in a AppDomain from SD card.

Pyxis 2 works this way I think


I would go with the Pyxis approach as well.


yes. I guess a plugin/appdomain model would be the way to handle that. That would make a good fezzer sample.


If you go the route of loading PEs, like Pyxis, just remember to use AppDomains. It makes life slightly more difficult but without it the programs stay in memory until power cycle.

Maybe I’ll port out just that section this weekend and put on Fezzer